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ZEUS is coming, or what about this project;



After publishing the ready drawings, you flooded us with a wave of questions about the details of the implementation of decals under the code name ZEUS.

 As you know, we had a big problem with resin parts which frozen the project practically for a year, recently there were also some problems with the printing of the decal itself, but we managed to overcome this problem.

 At the moment, after changing the concept, we are at the stage of the last amendments and preparing to print decals on three scales 1/72 and 1/48 as a full decal, and 1/32 decals + masks. 

We hope that they will be released by the end of March, but not at the same time as short time slips so that all of them will be at this year’s Moson Model Show. 

We will give more details about the sets themselves, because we have already seen the first attempts to copy our set, hence for safety we will not show you the final look of the sets. 

For now, these drawings by Andrzej M. Olejniczak