SPECIAL HOBBY 48129 1/48 North-American T-2 Buckeye ‘Camouflaged Trainer’.

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North-American T-2 Buckeye ‘Camouflaged Trainer’. Except of its common trainer role in white and red outfit the T-2 aircraft flew or still flies in different colors. T-2s served with U.S. Navy VF-43 Challengers, the Aggressor unit that operates from NAS Oceania. This unit’s T-2s served in typical camouflage consisting of various grey colors. Export version T-2D for Venezuela and T-2E for Greece received camouflage of two greens and earth brown on upper surfaces and light grey on lower ones. The Greek machines are equipped with gun sight and some of them even carry weapon pylons. Except of the parts common to SH32037 (T-2 Buckeye “Red & White Trainer”) the kit contains more photo-etched parts and resin parts feature T-2E gun sight and pylons Decals included offer two Greek T-2E machines, Venezuelan T-2D and VF-43 Challengers aircraft.

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