Icarus Productions 72010 1/72 Lockheed T-33/Lockheed RT-33A Shooting Stars

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Lockheed T-33/Lockheed RT-33A Shooting Stars (7) Hellenic Air Force TR-265 370 TS; TR-000 222 TS; 521367 363 Op TS all camouflaged; TR-955 222 TS Orange fuselage; TR-430 112 CW natural metal with yellow/red stripes tail; TR-644 or TR-409 348 TRS natural metal with red tail and tip tanks. This fantastic decal sheet from Icarus Decals allows you to build every T/RT-33A that has served with the Hellenic Air Force in 1/48th scale. Detailed instructions are included, as well as various camouflage schemes for aircraft in TAC, Orange, Natural metal and natural metal with red-yellow striped tails! Three full sets of national insignia and two sets of full stencil data are included. All our decals are printed in Italy by Cartograf.

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