Icarus Productions 72008 1/72 Republic F-84/Republic RF-84F

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Hellenic Republic F-84/Republic RF-84F Thunderstreak/Thunderflash (9) F-84F 26939; 26926 red tail; 37152; 37223; 26913; Republic RF-84F 7969 all overall RAL7001; 36685; 28736 both SEA camouflage; 28732 grey/green. Inc stencil data, spare numbers etc. This fantastic decal sheet from Icarus Decals allows you to build any F/RF-84F that has served with the Hellenic Air Force in 1/72nd scale. No less than three sets of national insignia and two full sets of stencil data are provided. Comprehensive instructions sheet includes profiles for aircraft in TAC and NATO camouflage schemes, as well as in natural metal. All our decals are printed in Italy by Cartograf.

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