Icarus Productions 48003 1/48 HAF Jets Part 2

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Hellenic Air Force Jets Part 2. (2) McDonnell F-4E/RF-4E Phantoms in SEA, grey/green and grey camouflages; Lockheed F-104G Starfighters in overall grey, SEA and Tiger Meet markings. Numbers included for any aircraft. This fantastic decal sheet from Icarus Decals allows you to build any F/RF-4E Phantom and F-104G/TF-104G/RF-104G Starfighter in service with the Hellenic Air Force, plus the stunning Anniversary F-104G “Tiger” of 335 Squadron in 1/48th scale. Very comprehensive four page instructions sheet packed with profiles, photos and history of all aircraft types. Sufficient decals and basic stencil data to build four F/RF-4s, decals and complete stencil data for two F-104s and the F-104G “Tiger”. All our decals are printed in Italy by Cartograf.

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