GUNZE GSI Creos T-116 Mr. Tool Cleaner (400 ml)

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T-116 Mr Tool Cleaner (400 ml)

A cleaning solution especially for cleaning and removing grime from air brushes, paint brushes, and modelling tool.

When using Mr TOOL CLEANER R always observe the following:

-Never mix with paint because doing so will ruin the paint.

-Do not soak plastic model kits in Mr TOOL CLEANER R.

-Do not use it to clean up painting mistakes. Doing so can dissolve plastic and other model materials.

-Mr. TOOL CLEANER R reacts on synthetic fibre, plastic, and rubber. Do not spill it on clothing, tables, and painted materials.

-Mr. TOOL CLEANER R is a volatile substance. Do not leave the container open for long periods.

-Do not mix -Mr. TOOL CLEANER R with other thinners.

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